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Source waters in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed consist of wetlands, sloughs, lakes, rivers, and groundwater aquifers. These provide for our drinking water and support agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, and other manufacturing industries. Source water is an important resource for ensuring a healthy, functioning ecosystem and maintaining cultural assets.

The North Saskatchewan River Basin Council is a non-profit organization that has formed to support and direct the implementation of the Source Water Protection Plan for our watershed. The plan has been built over 4 years of public consultations with the assistance of the Water Security Agency. Because the watershed is so large and source water protection is a long-term project, we will need community support in order to be successful.

We are actively seeking community involvement. Water affects everyone so it is important that everyone has a chance to be involved with protecting it.




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Beetle Days

This summer, NSRBC staff engaged with producers and First Nations communities to help fight the spread of leafy spurge. The combat method chosen to battle this invasive weed species was the leafy spurge beetles. These beetles originate from Europe, like leafy spurge. Leafy spurge beetles are arguably the most effective and cost-friendly method at combatting leafy spurge currently. These beetles only eat leafy spurge, so they are not a risk of becoming invasive themselves.


Our staff collected beetles at two locations this year. One site near the Besant campgrounds by Moose Jaw and the other on Sweetgrass pastures by North Battleford. Numerous clients were able to obtain beetles. Beardy’s and Okemasis have a serious leafy spurge problem throughout most of their community and pastures, negatively impacting the quality of the landscape. The hope is to get a successful introduction of these beetles. That way they can sweep for the established beetles in future years and move them to other patches of leafy spurge nearby.


Collecting these beetles is done by using large nets to “sweep” for them through patches of spurge where they have been established in years prior. The downside of sweeping through spurge is the risk of becoming carriers of the invasive weeds, with seeds getting stuck on shoes, equipment or vehicles. Our vehicles were kept well clear of the spurge and any equipment used is cleaned after collection. We eliminated this risk by using disposable canvas slip-on footwear or “booties”. They not only repel seeds and debris, they are also easily stored and safely disposed of once out of the patches of spurge.


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Shorelines at Work Demonstration Site

The Shorelines at Work Demonstration Site is part of the project "Emma Lake Action & Understanding". The 3,600 ft2 site is located at Emma Lake, north of McIntosh Point along Agnes St. The site is open to the public and embraces natural shorelines while serving as public access for snowmobiling and dock access. Its goal is to promote the benefits of native vegetation along shorelines and to inspire others to plant more native species on their properties. Prior to planting, the site had significant erosion and monoculture grass. A total of 80 plants were planted in 2019 with plans to plant additional plants in 2020. A large educational sign will also be added to the site in Spring 2020.


250,000 Litres of Oil Pollute the North Saskatchewan River.  Eyes wide open as to our dependency and vulnerability on the quality of our Source Waters.



North Battleford winning a National Municipal Environmental Award in 2015 for implementing the system - See more at: http://www.newsoptimist.ca/news/local-news/lystek-open-house-celebrates-north-battleford-s-award-winning-project-1.1975864#sthash.dOb6duJO.dpu

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