*Important Update*

Priorities have changed with the Water Security Agency (WSA) and Watershed Stewardship Groups have completed a restructuring to better align with their deliverables and goals. Provincially, a new organization Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds (SAW) has restructured from the old watershed groups to support this change. The NSRBC is pursuing avenues of source water protection projects during this season of change (to be anounced). Our Notice Nature program has continued to be a success, with all libraries and school dvisions participating throughout ours and neigbouring watershed regions.

The main watershed stewardship pillars regarding First Nations communities, rural municipality support, lake stewardship projects, water sampling, and urban community work will soon be supported under the new organization, SAW. We thank our members, communities, colleagues and funders past and present for the work we've accomplished together. 

Source waters in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed consist of wetlands, sloughs, lakes, rivers, and groundwater aquifers. These provide for our drinking water and support agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, and other manufacturing industries. Source water is an important resource for ensuring a healthy, functioning ecosystem and maintaining cultural assets.

The North Saskatchewan River Basin Council is a non-profit organization that has been formed to support and direct the implementation of the Source Water Protection Plan for our watershed. The plan has been built over 4 years of public consultations with the assistance of the Water Security Agency. Because the watershed is so large and source water protection is a long-term project, we will need community support in order to be successful.

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Water affects everyone so it is important that everyone has a chance to be involved in protecting it.


North Battleford winning a National Municipal Environmental Award in 2015 for implementing the system - See more at: http://www.newsoptimist.ca/news/local-news/lystek-open-house-celebrates-north-battleford-s-award-winning-project-1.1975864#sthash.dOb6duJO.d