About Us

Who we are

The North Saskatchewan River Basin Council is a non-profit organization that has formed to support and direct the implementation of the Source Water Protection Plan for our watershed. The plan has been built over 4 years of public consultations with the assistance of the Water Security Agency (WSA). Because the watershed is so large and source water protection is a long term project we will need community support in order to be successful. We are actively seeking community involvement. Water affects everyone so it is important that everyone has a chance to be involved with protecting it. If your community is interested in water issues please contact Katherine Finn to discuss opportunities to get involved.

How we came to be

After the drinking water crisis in North Battleford, in 2001, one of the recommendations made by the Commission of Inquiry report was to designate an agency to lead in source water protection. WSA took charge and has succeeded in developing plans for many of the watersheds throughout the province. The North Saskatchewan River Watershed is one of the more recent areas that have completed the planning process. To review the preliminary background report on the North Saskatchewan River Watershed click here: Background Report.
The North Saskatchewan River Basin Council has successfully incorporated. To view our articles of incorporation click here.
We recently updated our Bylaws.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision
A watershed which provides for the social, economic, environmental and cultural water needs of the future generations.

Our Mission
To create and implement a plan to develop and protect source waters in the watershed so that the resource can sustain future social, economic, environmental and cultural needs.

The Plan

The North Saskatchewan River Watershed Source Water Protection Plan, as mentioned before, has been built by the public. It is described as a living document intended to develop and evolve as water issues in the basin change. To view the document on line click here: North Saskatchewan River Watershed Source Water Protection Plan

Board Structure

The following is the board structure to run the implementation of the plan.

Board Structure

The NSRBC Board is as follows:

Federal Government (2): Vesna Nikolic (ISC), Vacant (1)
Provincial Government (2):
Adam Antoine (WSA), Andre Bonneau (MOA)
Rural Municipalities (2): 
Dan Hritzuk (RM of Frenchman Butte),  Paul Rybka (RM of Prince Albert)
Urban Municipalities (2):  Stewart Schafer (City of North Battleford), Gordon Yarde (Town of Battleford)
Indigenous (4): Anthony B. Johnston (Mistawasis Nêhiyawak), Glenna Cayen (Muskeg Lake Cree Nation), Alfred Gamble (Beardy's and Okemasis), Don Fyrk (Metis)
Sub Basin (4):  Ruthe Seime (West), Ian Lamb (Battle), Ken Crush (Central), Wayne Hyde (East)
Sectoral (4): Lyle Orchard (Organic Producer), Ken Larsen (HWY 55 Waste Management Facility), Barry Kulyk (Meeting Lake Regional Park), Vacant (1)


Chair: Paul Rybka

Vice Chair: Ruth Seime

Secretary: Ken Crush

Treasurer: Ian Lamb

Membership: Wayne Hyde


Last updated: August 15, 2018.

Chair: John Kindrachuk
Vice Chair: Vacant
Past Chair: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Karen Pedersen
Membership: Paul Rybka
Directors: Michael McCallister, Ron Crush, Sarah Kemp, Darcy Lightle, and Sheila Moench.