Culvert Mapping

Spring 2016:

Current Projects:

Finishing the District of Lakeland was in good time with a total of 4 days of work, completing 450 culverts. Next up is RM of Manitou Lake starting in a couple weeks time.

Currently, we are working on culvert mapping the District of Lakeland with survey-grade GPS equipment. We will complete the District of Lakeland and are scheduled to complete the RM of Manitou Lake in June. We recently just signed to complete RM of Mervin this summer as well. Completing additional RMs are currently being under discussion. 


New to the NSRBC service portfolio for municipalities is to locate and map culverts and other infrastructure (road signs, bridges, residences etc.). Last year we mapped the culverts in the RM of Canwood, the RM of Douglas, where we expanded the mapping to include road signs and residences, and the RM of Caron.

NSRBC staff provides detailed GPS data of the culvert location, its length, size and condition. This helps RMs with asset management, to identify maintenance needs and for flood adaptation. We are also offering to program the locations of the culverts into a GPS for use in RM mowers and graders. The operators will get a visual and acoustic alert when they approach a culvert which helps prevent damage to tractor tires, mowers and the culverts themselves.

The NSRBC is working together with other watershed groups to offer this service to municipalities across the province.

If you need more information or are interested in a quote, please contact us.

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