Education and Awareness

2016: Caring For our Watersheds

Check this website to see this year’s winners!:

We are looking for schools in our watershed to participate this upcoming fall 2016! 

2015: Caring For our Watersheds

We are proud to partner with Agrium Inc, Partners for the Saskatchewan River Basin and all of the watershed alliances in Saskatchewan to support Caring for our Watersheds (CFW)!

CFW asks Grade 7-12 students across Saskatchewan to submit a proposal that answers the question, “What can you do to improve your watershed?” Participants research their local watershed, identify an environmental concern and come up with a realistic solution. The CFW staff are here to help you! Free watershed presentations and mentoring is available upon request.

Nearly $20,000 will be awarded to students and schools/clubs who participate. First place is $1,000 to the team and $1,000 to the team's school/club!

$10,000 in implementation funding is also available so we can turn the student's ideas into realistic solutions that help our communities!

March 18, 2016 – Contest entry deadline
May 7, 2016 – Final competition

Lis Mack and Amber Burton, Program Coordinators
Phone: (306) 665-6887 | E-mail: or
Partners for the Saskatchewan River Basin

October 2014: Ag in the Watershed

Eleven of the Saskatchewan watersheds have collaborated to provide educational materials for the new Saskatchewan Science 20 Curriculum being implemented in the fall of 2015. These materials will promote awareness of the importance of agriculture and watershed stewardship via a student-directed study format.

Check out for more information.


May 2014: Water Quality Testing With Prince Albert Collegiate Institute

 This event went over amazingly and helped us show kids how important water quality is in maintaining our environment.  We greatly appreciate the support of the Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association along with SaskLotteries to make this possible.  With their support, we were able to give two presentations on ground and surface water to students in Grades 10 and 11, from Prince Albert Collegiate Institute.  Along with this, we were able to return and show students how water quality testing is performed along the Little Red River.  While helping the students learn how to use the water quality testing kits we also talked about the importance of riparian zones and why they must be kept healthy.