Love Your Lakes

Our lakes and water systems in this province are a valuable resource and maintaining the health of these lakes and rivers is essential. The "Love Your Lake" program provides lakefront property owners with a survey to inform landowners how natural or developed the landscape is on their property. A report is prepared for each property and mailed out to each landowner stating how they can maintain or improve the quality of natural vegetation and landscape. The natural vegetation plays a key role in maintaining soil structure, acting as a natural filter and improving water quality overall. Keeping these shorelines healthy and naturalized ensures a lake that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

The NSRBC has worked on many lakes beginning in 2016, including: Emma Lake, Christopher Lake, Anglin Lake, Turtle Lake, Brightsand Lake, Jackfish Lake and Murray Lake.

If your community is interested in participating in the Love Your Lake Program please contact us.


The Natural Edge

The Natural Edge Program is an option for lakefront property owners who want to follow up on the Love Your Lake survey. Lake health is affected from numerous sources, whether it’s pollution, aquatic invasive species or shoreline development. While developing a shoreline isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are ways to help maintain the integrity and health of shores. The shoreline is a buffer zone of vegetation acting as a natural filter and reinforcement to prevent things like erosion, nutrient loading or eutrophication. It also provides habitat for native species part of the local ecosystem, promoting diversity.

The Natural Edge Program seeks to maintain, improve and restore shoreline along lakefront properties. Those involved will get to work alongside technicians in developing their shoreline, from the initial site visit to the planting operation and maintenance itself. The Natural Edge Program promotes the health and diversity of our lakes and helps ensure a safe, healthy and valuable resource to be enjoyed for generations to come. Contact us to book your site.

There are plans to complete this program on a total of 6 sites on Jackfish, and Emma Lake in the Fall of 2018. For more details about a healthy happy shoreline and how your shoreline can look, visit here. And if you would like more information on The Natural Edge Program visit this site here.